Ingrid Stengel


Chairperson, Talks & Lectures, GeolSoc50 Anniversary, Design 



Raydel Toirac


Deputy Chairperson, Excursions, Membership



Alina Haidula


Membership, Correspondence  



Gabi Schneider


Treasurer, Membership, Fishing Competition, Henno Martin Rock 



Fred Kamona


Talks & Lectures, Workshops, GeolSoc50 Anniversary  



Eckhart Freyer


Excursions, Henno Martin Rock 



Keith Webb


Excursions, Fishing Competition, GeolSoc50 Anniversary (Chair) 



Kombada Mhopjeni


Social Media, IUGS Liaison, Talks & Lectures, Correspondence




Mengist Teklay


Social Events, GeolSoc50 Anniversary 



Riaan Kazondunge



Social Events 






 UNAM Student Representative





In terms of the constitution of the Society, the present Vice Chairperson, Raydel Toirac, automatically becomes the new Chairperson, and the required 8 members of the new Committee will be elected by postal ballot before the AGM. The Committee members hold office for one year and are eligible of re-election.