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The aims of the Society are:

  • To promote the study of geosciences in Namibia.
  • To do all things conducive to the advancement of geological science.


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Geoscience Professions Act, 2012

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50th Anniversary Conference


The Geological Society of Namibia Turns 50 This Year


 Join Us To Celebrate This Milestone At A Conference To Be Held In Windhoek


02-04 September 2019


 Numerous Pre and Post Conference Excursions Offer a Unique Opportunity to See Parts Of The Country and Geology That Are Well Off The Beaten Track.


go to the conference website https://50anniversary.geoeventsnam.com/



For further details contact the Organising Committee at geolsocnam50@gmail.com


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Upcoming Talks



Speaker: Prof Richard Hanson (Texas Christian University)


Title:   Recent work on the Barby Formation, Konkiep Terrane: Eruptive mechanisms, lithofacies patterns and subvolcanic magma plumbing systems in a 1.2 Ga extensional continental margin arc  on the edge of the Kalahari craton, SW Namibia. 


Date:     Thursday 27 June 2019


Time:     17h30


Venue:   Auditorium of the Geological Survey of Namibia, Aviation Road, Winhoek 













  • The 3 Volume Geology of Namibia by Dr. Roy Miller, a comprehensive completion of Namibia’s diverse geology ranging from Archean basement in the north to the Cenozoic deposits of the Namib and Kalahari deserts, is available through the Geological Survey of Namibia.
Contact: Honorary Secretary